Terms & Policies



The following terms and conditions apply to all holidays sold by Sanctuary Surf (“we” / “us” / “our”) to any purchaser of a Sanctuary Surf holiday (“you” / “your”). By booking a Sanctuary Surf holiday, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Before doing so, you should read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Under the Terms and Conditions, any references to “you” or “your” shall be deemed to include not only the person that booked the holiday, but also the Lead Person (as defined below) and all participants within a Group (as defined below) as the context requires, unless expressly stated otherwise.

In the event that we enter into a contract with you incorporating these Terms and Conditions and there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and that contract, the contract will take precedence.

SANCTUARY SURF We are Sanctuary Surf Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered address Knoll house, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3SY, United Kingdom and company number 10436702.



You can request to book a holiday either through the Sanctuary Surf website (https://sanctuary.surf/) (the “Website”) or over the telephone. By doing so you are making us an offer. We may accept this offer by sending you a confirmation email. We will only send you a confirmation email once we have received the minimum deposit (if booking in advance) or payment price from you. A contract will be formed between us and you upon us sending you the confirmation email and the Terms and Conditions will be binding upon you from this point.

When you receive the confirmation email, it is your responsibility to review it and make sure that it is accurate. If you find any discrepancy or error, it is your responsibility to contact us and alert us to such discrepancy or error. Failure to do so will mean that we will deem this as your acceptance of the information provided in the email and we will not be obliged to amend your booking details or make alterations prior to your holiday.

Booking in a Group

Where a contract is made by one person (“Lead Person”) on behalf of one or more other people (“Group”), the Lead Person must ensure that all members of the Group are aware of the Terms and Conditions. By booking on behalf of members of a Group, the Lead Person is acknowledging that they have the authority of the other members of the Group to make the booking. The Lead Person is responsible for the full cost of the holiday, including any additional charges related to Terms and Conditions, on behalf of the other members of the Group.

Changing Your Holiday Booking

You may make certain amendments or changes to your holiday booking up to two weeks prior to the date of your departure (as set out in the confirmation email). Unfortunately, as we need to plan ahead for all holidays, certain changes may not be possible. For example excursions and activities.  

All changes  are subject to our consent and, other than due to our negligence, we have no obligation to amend your booking. Certain amendments may incur additional costs to reflect the changes made to the holiday itself. We also charge an administration fee for certain changes. We will always inform you of what these costs are prior to making the amendment. You agree to pay all additional costs 14 days upon request.



All bookings made are in pounds sterling. The price for an agreed holiday is the price shown on the invoice on the booking confirmation email.

Price Change After Booking

Once a booking is made, prices are not normally subject to change, however we may decrease or increase prices to reflect changes in third party costs, service charges, insurances and exchange rates. Discounts cannot be added once a booking has been made. We will always inform you of any price change that applies to your booking and, if you are not happy with this price change, you can cancel your booking and we will refund all deposits made.

Price Change Before Booking

The most up to date prices can be found on Website however these are subject to change.


A deposit is required at the time of booking. Once we have sent you the confirmation email, this deposit is non-refundable. The final balance for the booking is due two weeks before the departure date specified in the confirmation email.

If you make a booking within under two weeks before the departure date, full payment is due at the time of booking.

If your final payment is not received in accordance with the above time frames, we may treat this as a cancellation by you of the booking, cancel the booking and retain your deposit.



You may cancel your booking at any time prior to the departure date specified in the confirmation email received from us. In order to cancel a booking write to us (by e-mail or first class post). A written cancellation request is considered valid upon the day of receipt by us.

If you choose to cancel a booking, cancellation charges will apply as follows:

More than 6 weeks prior to departure= No cancellation charge

6 Weeks prior to departure   = 30% of total cost of booking

4-6 Weeks prior to departure=         50% of total cost of booking

2-4 Weeks prior to departure =         75% of total cost of booking

Under 2 weeks prior to departure = 100% of total cost of booking

Any credit card or debit card payments shall be refunded to the same cards used for payments excluding charges.


In certain circumstances, we may need to cancel your booking. We will notify you as soon as reasonably practicable if we need to do so.

We will not cancel a booking less than 1 week before your departure date except for reasons attributed to ‘force majeure’ (i.e. events outside if our reasonable control, such as extreme weather conditions, illness, war, political unrest, strikes, epidemics, natural or technical disaster, closure of ports and airports).

Where we cancel a booking in these instances, you will be fully reimbursed for all amounts paid.

We may also cancel your booking immediately upon you failing to pay the balance of your booking when due. You will not be re-imbursed for amounts already paid in such instances.

Very rarely small changes may need to be made to a holiday, however these will only be minor and we will inform you at the earliest possible date about such changes.



We shall agree with you the number of surf lessons to be provided at the time of making your booking. The total number of lessons will be stated in your confirmation email.  

You acknowledge that surfing is an inherently dangerous sport and accident, injury or even death may occur. This could be by way of collision involving other surfers or surf boards, reefs, sea bed or rocks, sharks, weaver fish and other sea animals, or drowning. It is crucial that you are comfortable in and around water if you intend on surfing. By agreeing to participate in a Sanctuary Surf holiday you agree that you are a competent swimmer and have a prior knowledge and ability of how to swim (pools / lakes / sea).

As surfing is a physical activity it is essential that you have pre-arranged suitable medical insurance from your country of origin before surfing.

You acknowledge that surf lessons provided as part of your booking will be carried out by a third party (“Surf School”) and there may be additional terms and conditions that Surf Schools require you to agree to in order to receive their services. You agree that you will adhere to, and comply with, all such terms.

Where possible surf lessons will include only clients of Sanctuary Surf. However, when this is not possible you acknowledge that group lessons may include surfers from other holiday bookings, which may include people of different ages.

All lessons will be carried out in English for Sanctuary Surf clients.

Surf lesson times will not be extended if you arrive late to your lesson so it is important that you arrive for each lesson early or on time. If you arrive 15 minutes or more late to a lesson, the Surf School has the right to cancel the lesson.

You acknowledge that surf lessons and free surf are subject to weather conditions, which are out of our control. We are not responsible for any surf lesson cancellation from the Surf Schools due to adverse weather, unavailability of instructors or any other cited reason. Where possible the Surf School will seek to arrange a lesson at another time. If you do not attend a replacement lesson, the Surf School will be deemed to have fully provided the lessons to you. If replacement lessons are not possible, Sanctuary Surf will seek to fill lesson time with theory or relevant surfing expertise. Where possible, replacement activities will be arranged, however, you accept that we will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred in order to provide such activities.

Surfing recommendations

We may give you recommendations as to where to surf during your free time. You acknowledge that all such recommendations are simply guidance and that this is not expert advice. We take no responsibility for you whilst surfing outside of lessons. It is at your discretion as to where and when you decide to surf outside designated lesson times.

Surf hire equipment

All surf equipment for use during surf lessons will be provided by the applicable Surf School.

We will provide surf equipment outside of lesson times for you to use. We may also provide you with other non-surfing equipment (such as bikes/ badminton rackets / footballs/ musical instruments USB charging packs / use of laptop and projector).

If you choose to use any such equipment you are fully responsible for any damages/loss/theft of such equipment and must fully reimburse us for the cost of such equipment if damaged (including snapped board/broken fins/cracked noses/broken leashes etc.)

You agree to use all such equipment in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

Health and fitness

You must confirm that, to your full knowledge, you are sufficiently fit both medically and  psychologically to participate in the physical and sporting activities relevant to the Sanctuary Surf holiday you have purchased.

We may ask for a current medical certificate outlining adequate fitness to partake in the holiday. We recommend that you obtain medical advice from your doctor.

Should you fall ill or have an impaired physical or psychological condition after booking, details of this will be required with reasonable notice so as to allow us to make any possible amendments or change in planning to facilitate your needs. Whereupon the illness prevents you from undertaking your holiday, normal cancellation procedures apply.

If you have a disability as defined under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995,you should give notice of this at the time of booking and we will endeavour to accommodate your specific needs.  However, given that surfing is a specialist activity, involvement in all aspects of the holiday cannot be guaranteed for safety reasons.

If you have any dietary or allergy issues, you must notify us of a minimum of one month in advance of your departure date. Failure to do so will mean that we are not obliged to alter the menu accordingly prior to or during the holiday.


Local law

You agree to adhere to any and all local laws applicable whilst staying at Sanctuary Surf. Failure to comply  with, or abuse of, the law will be seen as a breach of these Terms and Conditions and as such result in the termination of holiday with no compensation for the client

You agree to respect local law in terms of noise levels after 10pm. Any fines or legal disruption incurred will be paid for in full by you.

Sanctuary Surf operate a strict no smoking policy in all tents and marquees. All smokers will accept responsibility of the safe disposal of cigarettes in designated areas so as not to endanger others.

You agree to follow local law in terms of use of internet use whilst at Sanctuary Surf.


You agree to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly and recognize our right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages at any point or for any reason.

We will only service alcohol to you if you are over the age of 18 and legally permitted to drink alcohol.

You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any accident or damage that you cause to our property, premises or other people whether you are sober or under the influence of alcohol.

You may not undertake any sport or physical activity whilst under the influence of alcohol (including Surfing/SUP/Cycling).

Passport and visas

In order to stay at Sanctuary Surf your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your arrival date. Any necessary visa requirements are to be arranged and made prior to date of departure by you and are in no way our responsibility.

Airport transfers

It may sometimes be necessary to combine airport transfers when clients have differing return flights and therefore you may have to arrive at the airport or in the vicinity up to three  hours before departure of your flight.

Extra waiting time for transport may also apply for arrivals where clients arrive on differing flights. Where possible we advise clients to book the same flight to avoid this problem but please be aware that this does sometimes still arise.

We will always endeavor to get you to the airport on time for your return flight. You acknowledge that due to traffic fluctuations, in certain circumstances, you may not be able to arrive at the airport on time for your departure. Save for where as a result of our negligence, you agree that we will not be liable to you should you miss your return flight.

RDV Instructions

During your stay at Sanctuary Surf we may notify you of rendezvous points (“RDV point”) for the purpose of taking you to or from camp (for example for surf lessons, beach runs or other scheduled activities). It is your responsibility to be at the applicable RDV point five minutes before the scheduled departure time communicated to you so that the transport can leave promptly.

When departing from camp, if you are late, we may depart from the camp without you after we have waited for a minimum of 5 minutes past the scheduled departure time.

Returning to camp, if you are late, we may depart for the camp without you after having waited a minimum of ten minutes after the scheduled departure time.

Exclusions and Limitation of liability

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will exclude or limit our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or negligence by us, our employees or agents.

You have certain rights under the law. These include that we will provide services with reasonable skill and care and within a reasonable time. You have certain legal remedies if we breach any of these rights which may apply notwithstanding these Terms and Conditions. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions is intended to affect these legal rights or other rights to which you may also be entitled.

Subject to the above, we will not be responsible to you for:

  1. any damage or destruction of your possessions whilst on premises. Whilst a safe and trustworthy atmosphere is expected if client leaves objects or possessions of value on site it is strictly at such client’s own risk;

  2. any accident or damage to you or your property caused by a third party; or

  3. any accident or damage to you or your property caused or suffered off camp premises or during group activities even if you are using equipment rented or borrowed from Sanctuary Surf.

Subject to the above, in no case shall our liability to you exceed [the price paid for your booking].

Any claims in addition to the total cost of the booking are solely payable by Sanctuary Surf’s insurer not Sanctuary Surf.  

Consent for use of identity

Whilst you are staying with us we may take photographs, sound recordings and/or video footage of you. You agree to our use of any such video, photographic or sound recordings for promotional purposes (including in print copy and online).

Privacy and protection of data

We will never share your data and personal information with any other company or professional services outside of Sanctuary Surf Ltd – except where necessary to pass on information to sub-contractors directly related to the business (i.e. Surf Schools)

Travel arrangements

Sanctuary Surf holidays commence and finish as stated on the holiday booking invoice and confirmation. As such we are in no way responsible for your travel (including any related costs) before and up to this point (arrival) and after (departure). This includes all additional travel arrangements, accommodation, subsistence and loss of income in regard to your return to your point of departure (i.e. back to the UK) however caused.

You will not be refunded any part of your holiday cost by us if you sufferloss from disruption due to airport strikes, blockades or closure of ports, or any other transport failures beyond our control.

Contact Information

It is your responsibility to provide us with true and up to date details, including all contact information (i.e. your address, email address and telephone number).


If for any reason you wish to make a complaint whilst on holiday it is important you make the appropriate supplier of the service (Sanctuary Surf or the applicable third party provider) aware of the problem as soon as reasonably practicable. If we or the applicable third party are not informed and given the opportunity to resolve the issue\s we cannot accept any liability retrospectively. Complaints not resolved during the holiday should be made in writing up to twenty eight days after the holiday and be addressed to:

Sanctuary Surf Ltd.

Knoll house

Knoll Road


Surrey GU15 3SY

We will not accept claims made after this period.

Termination of holiday and indemnity

You agree to show common decency and respect to all employees, associates, partners, and fellow guests of Sanctuary Surf. Failure to do so can result in the immediate cancellation of your holiday, without compensation.


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