The Story


We’re James & Olly. Two mates from Uni who both ended up in Bordeaux, South West France. Undoubtedly France's best city, one of the many reasons we've both now been here 6 years.When we’re not building and delivering the slickest Surf Glamping Holidays around, we lecture in Business Schools around town.

Having developed a real love for the region in terms of whilst surfing on the coast and sampling the fine food and wine, we want to share the best there is to offer with you.

We can’t wait for you to come and share this corner of the world we’re both so grateful to have ended up in.

Back in 2008, we became close friends thanks to our involvement with the Uni’s ski society, organising the annual student ski trip to the Alps. Upon graduation and not convinced by the choice of Grad' schemes on offer, we both jumped ship to South West France in 2012. This way after having already undertaken a year-abroad in Paris and Nice respectively. With the Atlantic ocean on our doorstep it was inevitable that we should try to transpose our ski/boarding skills into surfing, never expecting to develop a real addiction to the sport.


olly james car montalivet sanctauary surf holiday.jpg

A little throwback to our early surf days. 6 years ago when we arrived in Bordeaux.

Our chosen destination of Bordeaux (Lonely Planet’s City of 2017) is located an hour’s drive from the coast and we know that sounds like a lot to us Brits, but driving in the french countryside is a genuine pleasure. Picture long straight roads, traversing pine forests and rolling vineyards and you’ve got the Médoc. It was on the way back from a mid-week seshion when full of post-surf buzz we asked “Why can’t we do this everyday?”.

“Lets start a surf camp!”

 “It’s been done” Came the reply.

“Yeah but not with the home comforts we’re used to.....” 

“It’s always nice to go home after a surf to chill, but instead of going home, why not take all the best aspects of home and bring them to the surf?”. The rest as they say, is history… From there onwards we made the most of every drive to our surf sessions to develop the concept. Over the next three years and after much discussion and fine tuning we arrive where we are today: making our idea a reality, being in the position to actually offer you what we have been planning for so long, and most importantly, living what we love doing...

We can't wait to see you at Sanctuary Surf this summer,

A bientôt

See you soon, 

James & Olly

PS. Here’s a sneak peak into our daily life during the summer running Sanctuary Surf.


One last thing.


Holiday’s are about creating those special memories you’ll look back on for years. Snapshots, conversations, characters met, ‘moments’ shared, sunsets, silence of a star filled sky, groggy heads, washed away upon first contact with the waves and childlike enthusiasm for progression each day. Each one of these moments combining to give you those bittersweet end of summer blues!

People say every holiday is what you make it, but its our job to make sure its really what you want it to be. From the feedback we’ve received we like to think Sanctuary Surf has got the vibe just right for this. Although we don't enforce age restrictions, we do position ourselves as a 25+ holiday. Many other surf camps cater to a more-festive lively crowd and admittedly for a lower price if that’s your vocation. However, at Sanctuary Surf we like to focus on offering the best to those looking for a little escape, something a little quieter, indulgent and to treat themselves, it wouldn’t be our “sanctuary”otherwise.

So if this appeals, get booking today. Or simply drop us your email below and we’ll give you a few more reasons why Sanctuary Surf is the perfect summer holiday for you.